Self-Knowledge Manifested In The Human Side According To Mulla Sadra And Ibn Arab

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Abedi, Mahdi

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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication

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God created human beings composed of body and soul, and made him as his Caliph and carrying the secrets of the worlds, superior to every creature, accordingly, his soul would ever fall and rise and will be every moment in a new perfection. Of course, most people are unaware of this important issue and by virtue of the negligence, he is belonging to the world. In this study, studying the valuable books of the world's great scientists of Islam, Mulla Sadra, and Ibn Arabi, we are trying to investigate the impact of self-knowledge and its role in the manifestation of humanity. Thus, the soul must somehow inherently be connected to the rich and absolute origin to achieve perfection through a single relationship, and the scientists agreed and believe the individuation of the body and life of the components and their sari-esteem and its essence is individuated soul. And Prophet Muhammad is known as the perfect man.



self-knowledge, human dignity, Mulla Sadra, Ibn Arabi