Pazarlama İletişim Açısından İkonlaşan “Türkan Şoray” Ve Filmlerinin Afiş Çözümlemeleri

Çankaya, Didem
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication
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This study will take a close look at Türkan Şoray’s iconic image in relation to her portrayal in her films through the concept of retro marketing. Retro marketing relates to the longing of the past and during the purchasing period of consumers in recent years, they have been demanding elements which related back to the lifestyle and social conditions of a past time. Thus, vis-à-vis these developments retro marketing is the best economic solution to use consumers’ wish to relate back to the past. In Turkey, businesses have used retro marketing in order to create a sense of “nostalgia” for its consumers. In this context, Türkan Şoray has been used by retro marketing and she has been turned into an “icon”. This is best exemplified by Koton’s advertisement campaign. The use of Türkan Şoray’s iconic image is used in a nostalgic context to pull in consumers. Thus, it was decided to conduct a study on the posters of the films in which Türkan Şoray starred in. As it is well know, film posters are important documents that transfer important social-cultural structures relating to the period they are from. The posters have been separated according to their type for evaluation purposes. According to this separation, the posters have been analyzed according to their form. Türkan Şoray’s visual presence in the film posters is very important. She is portrayed in a manner which raises admiration. Along with being a graphical presence on the poster, she is evaluated as a cultural representation tool. Through the film posters, social reality is restructured in graphical terms and the content of the film is delivered. In this context, typographic characteristics, color, body language are analyzed to reflect the social lifestyle and the symbols that are used to construct Türkan Şoray as an icon are examined.
Marketing Communication, Pazarlama İletişimi, Icon, İkon, Film Poster, Türkan Şoray