Fuzzy Modelling and Efficiency in Health Care Systems

Özok, Ahmet Fahri
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Ios Press, Nieuwe Hemweg 6B, 1013 Bg Amsterdam, Netherlands
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American Medical Institute reports that each year, because of the medical error, minimum fifty thousand people are dead. For a safety and quality medical system, it is important that information systems are used in health care systems. Health information applications help us to reduce the human error and to support patient care systems. Recently, it is reported that medical information systems applications have also some negative effect on all medical integral elements. The cost of health care information systems is about 4.6% of the total cost. In this paper, it is tried a risk determination model according to principles of fuzzy logic. The improvement of health care systems has become a very popular topic in Turkey recent years. Using necessary information system; it became possible to care patients in a safer way. However, using the necessary HIS tools to manage of administrative and clinical processes at hospitals became more important than before. For example; clinical work flows and communication among pharmacists, nurses and physicians are still not enough investigated. We use fuzzy modeling as a research strategy and developed sum fuzzy membership functions to minimize human error. In application in Turkey the results are significantly related with each other. Besides, the sign differences in health care information systems strongly effects of risk magnitude. The obtained results are discussed and some comments are added.

health care system , fuzzy modeling , health care information system , improvement of health care systems , system design , patient safety , sağlık sistemi , bulanık modelleme , sağlık bilgi sistemi , sağlık sistemlerinin iyileştirilmesi , sistem tasarımı , hasta güvenliği