Queering the Formal Architecture

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Gülhaş, Armağan
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Unlike current architectural discourses, it's known well that, education and practical applications of architecture sustain its formality on space and city. While the formal and functional perception in architecture causes a lack of relationality between the inputs in space, it restrains this relationality to masculine position within a cartesian duality. Along with the dualities between form/matter and subject/object; the motivation of creating, designing and organizing establish the problematic of this study. As an alternative way of this heteronormative stance in space, queering the formal architecture creates different passages within architectural education and practices. This move makes it possible to look for the problem by excluding the formal and solution-oriented reductionist approach, rather than solving it. In this way, with the materialization of the formal thought, space gets rid of various abstractions and enters into an ambiguous embodiment. The links that will be established in the triangle of architectural, feminist and queer theory will be providing an alternative view of the space and architecture.
Anahtar kelimeler
Queer, Space, Formal Architecture