The Effects of Color Light on Space Perception

Kutlu Güvenkaya, Rana
Manav, Banu
Küçükdoğu, Mehmet Şener
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This study analyzes and compares colour emotions of people with respect to the difference in illuminance and wall colour at a full scale test room, without daylight. 20 undergraduate students from the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design evaluated the visual appraisal of the wall colours and lighting design separately through a semantic differential scale. Statistical test results indicated that, colour emotions are consistent across men and women. It was also observed that a 200 lx gradual increase in the illuminance leads to positive impressions. The results show that when wall colour is the dependant variable, while illuminance is constant, light yellow room is associated with positive factors with respect to light blue room. Light yellow room is more “stimulating” than light blue room while mean of the responses are same under both of the rooms for the impression of “intimate”.

Fiziksel Çevre Kontrolü , Diploma Projesi , Colour Emotion , Interior Design , Light-colour Interaction , Space Perception