Software Versioning with Microservices through the API Gateway Desing Pattern

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he microservices architecture is a relatively new approach in implementing service-oriented systems. This cloud­ native architectural style enables the implementation of loosely coupled, agile, reuse-oriented, and lightweight services instead of monoliths. It also eliminates vendor and/or technology lock-ins. A modification to a small code segment for monoliths may require the building and deployment of a completely new version of the software. However, the modular form of microservices allows solving software versioning in a polyglot manner. In this paper, we extend the well-known microservice design pattern API gateway with a view to managing the virtual hardware configuration of containers. Specifically, using the proposed approach, the service capacity in the requested version of the service is orchestrated adaptively in compliance with a service-level agreement. In our tests, we found that the proposed version management approach reduced the hosting cost by 27% compared to static or rule-based scaling.
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Microservices, Software Versioning, Version Management, API Gateway, Design Pattern, Container Sizing, Scaling