Ethics in New Media: The Case Of

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Yengin, Deniz
Küçükerdoğan, Bülent
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Medimond S R L, Via Maserati 5, 40128 Bologna, 00000, Italy
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Today's environment, where knowledge is considered to be the most essential capital, is regarded as information society. Having become a significant value for the economies which go through the period of structuring, information is the source of the level of development. Especially the diversity of the environments brings out information and information mines. And amid this abundance one doesn't really know what and/or how to use and faces and intensive information bombardment. Today's rapid change of technology entails the change of communication process along with it. Through digitilization, new medias become the invididuals' new social areas of activity. However, the digital transformation gives rise to several problems. Especially the ethical problems become an issue as far as the communication between the individuals is concerned. The examples used in this study are contextually analyzed. The results of this analysis are evaluated in relation to the concept of ethics.

Information Society , New Media , Digitalization , Ethics , , Bilgi Toplumu , Yeni Medya , Dijitalleştirme , Ahlak