Adsorption Of Isoniazid Onto Sepiolite-Palygorskite Group Of Clays: An IR Study

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The adsorption of isoniazid (INH) on sepiolite, loughlinite (natural Na-sepiolite) and palygorskite from Anatolia was investigated by FT-IR spectroscopy. Experimental results indicated that INH molecules, adsorbed on sepiolite-palygorskite group of clays, are coordinated to surface hydroxyls by H-bonding interaction through the pyridine ring nitrogen lone pairs. Moreover, some of the adsorbed INH molecules may enter the interior channels of the sepiolite-palygorskite structure and involve H-bonding interaction with zeolitic water. Some intensity and frequency changes in the OH stretching band of surface hydroxyls (Si-OH) of the INH-treated sepiolite and loughlinite were observed. However, this band is found to be less affected by the adsorption of isoniazid in the case of palygorskite, probably because the surface Si-OH groups in palygorskite appear to be less abundant than in sepiolite or loughlinite. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.



Adsorption, clays, IR spectroscopy, Isoniazid, Loughlinite, Palygorskite, Sepiolite, model-calculations, montmorillonite, loughlinite, intercalation, emme, killer, model hesaplamaları, ortaya ekleme