Küreselleşme – Yerelleşme Ekseninde Bir Örnek: Ada: Zombilerin Düğünü

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Şimşek, Gizem
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication
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Political and current events effect society causing changes and transformations in social awareness. To this end, all kinds of changes and transformations reflect on art which is the mirror of society. Cinema which is the seventh form of art is also effected in time either as development or regression. Therefore, the effects of globalization that commenced after the 2nd World War has also reflected on cinema. The reflections of anxiety in mankind that occurred after the atom bomb was dropped on Japan have first materialized with the increase of doomsday related movies. This type of horror cinema defined by movie critic Charles Derry as doomsday movies generally involves mutated creatures such as fish, birds or humans. The appearance of doomsday related movies depends on social anxieties. Zombie movies which have appeared due to social anxieties and spread in the context of globalization can be seen in almost all countries. Even though the Haiti based zombie concept was present prior to the 2nd World War, it transformed into a different concept after the atom bomb was dropped due to the nuclear and radiactive threats and its cinematic representation has thus evolved. Today, when all concepts and movements roam freely from country to country in the context of globalization, the zombie concept has entered our cinema with the movie “The Zombie Wedding” (2010, Directed by: Murat Emir Eren, Talip Ertürk). In this study, first the concept of zombies will be defined and the cliches of zombie horror movies will be mentioned. Afterwords the first Turkish zombie movie “The Zombie Wedding” will be analyzed by making use of critical and semiotic theories and its indicators spesicif to the Turkish society will be emphasized.
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Globalization, Vernacular, Horror Cinema, Zombie, Küreselleşme, Argo, Korku Sineması, Zombi