Sağlık Meslek Gruplarının Örgütsel Sinizm Düzeylerini Ölçmeye Yönelik Bir Araştırma: Kamu Hastanesi ile Özel Hastane Karşılaştırması

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The organizational cynicism is negative attitudes of employees against the organization. The aim of this study is to investigate the organizational cynicism levels of employees in public and private hospitals and to compare the results of working. For this purpose, a data collection tool containing two parts, demographic questions and scale of organizational cynism, has been used. This study applied 457 medical workers at seven groups as physicians, health care professionals and managers, administrative-financial affairs specialists and managers, hotel management and support services specialists and managers, in public and private hospitals. The research results have demostrated that the employees of public hospital are more cynical according to the employees of private hospital.

Örgütsel sinizm , özel hastane , kamu hastanesi , sağlık çalışanı , Organizational cynicism , private hospitals , public hospitals , health professionals