Effect of Managers' Organizational Justice Understanding on the Level of Employees' Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction

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Demir, Murat
Güney, Salih
Akyürek, Salim
Aslan, İlker

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Editura Lumen, Iasi, Holt Romania Fcsscf Fılıala, Iasi Str Bistrita, Nr 7, Bl B13, Parter, Ap 3, IASI, 00000, Romania

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The study, which is frequently discussed organizational attitude and behaviours in the literature, direct and indirect effects of organizational justice, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction, are studied through a holistic model. But this study is varied from other studies as carrying out Defense Industry. It is aimed to have all effects on the variables by choosing structural equations modeling. Research problem is whether job satisfaction of employees working in Defense Industry has an impact by organizational justice and organizational commitment. Data collected by surveys are analysed via SPSS and AMOS programs and some recommendations are made to manager and employees in both sector and general. When results are evaluated in the general sense, for the employees, who work in Defend Industry, the organizational justice affects job satisfaction partly. As a result, it is concluded that organizational justice partially affects job satisfaction, and the organizational commitment plays a mediator role in the relations.



management, organizational justice, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, defense industry, Confirmatory Factor-Analysis, Of-Fit Indexes, Social-Exchange, Citizenship Behavior, Perceptions, Attitudes