An Examination of cartoons watched by preschoolers in terms of gender stereotypes: The case of Niloya

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Ay, Aylin
Saray, Filiz
Kılıç, İsmihan

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This is a basic interpretive qualitative research as it aims to examine the cartoon named Niloya in terms of the gender stereotypes. 50 episodes of the cartoon were watched and the data collected were subjected to a content analysis. It has been emerged that the characters found in the cartoons have proper behaviors and appearances in terms of gender stereotypes and that the cartoon contributed to the production of gender stereotypes. It was seen in the cartoon that housework such as cooking, cleaning, childrearing is always done by the mother and work such as driving, gardening and keeping the animals is done the father and the grandfather. In the episodes watched, it was observed that female characters wear pink and purple dresses while male characters have colors like blue, yellow, green on their clothes. It was also found that play and toy preferences of girls and boys in the cartoon are conformed with the gender stereotypes. When considering that majority of children watch cartoons and identify themselves with this character, it can be said that the problem of gender inequality needs to be solved in the cartoon and the messages within the content should be reorganized to achieve women-men equality.



Cartoons, Gender, Gender Stereotypes, Preschool Period, Children, Çizgi Filmler, Cinsiyet, Cinsiyet Klişeleri, Okul Öncesi Dönem, Çocuklar