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    • Automatic HTML code generation from mock-up images using machine learning techniques 

      Asiroğlu, Batuhan; Mete, Büşra Rümeysa; Yıldız, Eyyüp; Nalçakan, Yağız; Sezen, Alper; Dağtekin, Mustafa; Ensari, Tolga (2019)
      The design cycle for a web site starts with creating mock-ups for individual web pages either by hand or using graphic design and specialized mock-up creation tools. The mock-up is then converted into structured HTML or ...
    • Deep learning based forecasting in stock market with big data analytics 

      Şişmanoğlu, Gözde; Önde, Mehmet Ali; Koçer, FURKAN; Sahingoz, Ozgur Koray (2019)
      In recent years, due to the technological improvements in computers' hardware and enhancements in the machine learning techniques, there are two increasing approaches for problem-solving as the use of "Big Data" and "Parallel ...
    • Estimation Of The Respiratory System Parameters 

      Sert, Görkem; Saatçı, Esra; Gürkan, Güray; Akan, Aydın (European Assoc Signal Speech & Image Processing-Eurasip, Po Box 74251, Kessariani, 151 10, Greece, 2011)
      In clinical respiratory studies, resistance and the lung compliance are two important respiratory parameters that are often measured by physicians. In this work, Respiratory signals (mask pressure, airway flow, and lung ...