360 Derece Panoramik Görüntü Veren Sanal Müzelerin Grafik Tasarım Açısından İncelenmesi

Kalıncı, Elif
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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This research is a descriptive study and based on scanning model. The very basic aim of this investigation is to thinking in the training mission analysing of virtual museum which is an located within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and provides 360 degree panoramic image in terms of graphich design. In accordance with this chief objective, the 3-point Likert type scale was formed and utilized for gathering data in conformity with subobjectives. Assestment scale comprise 26 questions about graphic design and functionality related to subobjectives. The sample of research consists Amasya, Anatolian Civilization and Isparta virtual museum which are an located within the Ministry of Culture And Tourism‘s official web site and provides 360 degree panoramic image were selected by means of purposeful sampling.The study group of this investigation is formed by 60 experts such as lecturers and experts work in the industry. Supervision of the experts benefited in order to verify the content validity of the scale. In the analysis of reliability, interior consistency Cronbach Alpha coefficient was used. In order to analyze the data SPSS software was used and the frequency and percentage values calculated were tabulated and interpreted according to the findings obtained. As a result of findings obtained; it is concluded that the virtual museums have some problems about basic graphic design such as lack integrity between colour and virtuality, non-hierarchical order between elements and don’t have a uniqe desing because of the reasons that some parts of visual museums being revised again. The functionality buttons are not usefull as they ment to be. Also 360 degree panoromic images lack resolution and inefficieny of the zoom range make difficult to get closer look to the pieces. The all design elements such as image, color and typography which are used in virtual museums are supposed be interrelated ,synchronized and be planned according to this design philosophy.
Sanal Müze, Grafik Tasarım, Panoramik Görüntü, Virtual Museum, Graphic Design, Panoramic Image