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    • Schwarzian Derivative Revisited 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Çağlar, Mert; Demirer, R. Murat (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi Yayınları, 2006-12)
      The Boolean-algebraic structure of the so-called Schwarzian derivative is investigated. A sufficient condition for a function of several variables to behave chaotically, which concerns its associated Schwarzian derivative, ...
    • Self-organized maps based neural networks for detection of possible earthquake precursory electric field patterns 

      Özerdem, M. S.; Üstündağ, B.; Demirer, R. Murat (ELSEVIER SCI LTD, THE BOULEVARD, LANGFORD LANE, KIDLINGTON, OXFORD OX5 1GB, OXON, ENGLAND, 2006-04)
      Some physical parameters of the nature are known to have precursory correlation to the preceding earthquakes. Unfortunately, due to several uncertainties and structural variations of the geophysical faults a definite ...
    • Sihir ve Matematik 

      Güzel, Erhan (2014-02-07)
    • Smart home hecurity with the use of WSNs on future intelligent cities 

      Dine, G.; Şahingöz, Özgür Koray (2019-04)
      In recent years, smart cities use some advanced technologies such as Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things for improving the quality of human life by enabling extra security and communication abilities. In a recent ...
    • Solution of fifth order boundary value problems by using local polynomial regression 

      Çağlar, Hikmet; Çağlar, Nazan (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 360 PARK AVE SOUTH, NEW YORK, NY 10010-1710 USA, 2007-03-15)
      In this paper, we present a novel method based on the local polynomial regression for solving of fifth order boundary value problems. The method is tested on numerical example to demonstrate its usefulness. The method ...
    • Some distortion theorems for starlike harmonic functions 

      Yavuz Duman, Emel (2010)
      In this paper , we consider harmonic univalent mappings of the form f = h + ¯g defined on the unit disk D which are starlike. Distortion and growth theorems are obtained.
    • Some distortion theorems for starlike log-harmonic functions 

      Yavuz Duman, Emel (International Short Joint Research Workshop, Applications of Convolutions in Geometric Function Theory, 2011, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University (RIMS), Kyoto, Japan, RIMS Kokyuroku, 2011-12)
    • Some Inequalities Which Hold For Starlike Log-Harmonic Mappings Of Order Alpha 

      Özkan, Hatice Esra; Aydoğan, Melike (Eudoxus Press, Llc, 1424 Beaver Trail Drive, Cordova, Tn 38016 Usa, 2014-04)
      Let H(D) be the linear space of all analytic functions defined on the open disc D = {z vertical bar vertical bar z vertical bar < 1}. A log-harmonic mappings is a solution of the nonlinear elliptic partial differential ...
    • Some Properties Of Analytic Functions Relating To The Miller And Mocanu Result 

      Yavuz Duman, Emel; Nunokawa, Mamoru; Owa, Shigeyoshi; Aydoğan, Melike (Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford Ox5 1Gb, England, 2011-03)
      Let P(alpha) be the class of analytic functions p(z) in the open unit disc U with p(0) = 1 and |arg p(z)| < pi/2 alpha (z is an element of U) for some real alpha > 0. The object of the present paper is to discuss some ...
    • Some properties of certain analytic functions 

      Owa, Shigeyoshi; Yavuz Duman, Emel (2012)
      Applying the subordinations for analytic functions f(z) normalized by f(0) = 0 and f 0 (0) = 1 in the open unit disk U, some properties of f(z) are discussed.
    • Some properties of q- close-to-convex functions 

      Özkan Uçar, Hatice Esra; Mert, Oya; Polatoğlu, Yaşar (2017)
      Quantum calculus had been used first time by M.E.H.Ismail, E.Merkes and D.Steyr in the theory of univalent functions [5]. In this present paper we examine the subclass of univalent functions which is defined by quantum ...
    • Some properties of q- convex functions of complex order 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Aydoğan, Seher Melike; Mert, Oya (2016)
    • Some properties of q-close to convex functions 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar (2018)
    • Some Properties of q-Convex Functions of Complex Order 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Aydoğan, Seher Melike; Mert, Oya (2017)
      Let A be the family of functions f(z) which are regular in the open unit disc D = {z : |z| < 1} and satisfy the conditions f(0) = 0, f 0 (0) = 1 for every z ∈ D and let f(z) be an element of A, if f(z) satisfies the ...
    • Some properties of starlike harmonic mappings 

      Aydoğan, Seher Melike; Yemişçi, Halime Arzu; Polatoğlu, Yaşar (Springer International Publishing Ag, Gewerbestrasse 11, Cham, Ch-6330, Switzerland, 2012)
      A fundamental result of this paper shows that the transformation F=az(h(z+a/1+(a) over barz) + /(h(a) + <(g(a))over bar>(z + a) (1 + (a) over barz) defines a function in S0 HS* whenever f = h( z) + g( z) is S0 HS*, ...
    • Some radius problem for certain families of analytic functions 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Bolcal, Metin (TÜBİTAK, 2000)
      The aim of this paper is to give bounds of the radius of α-convexity for certain families of analytic functions in the unit disc. The radius of α-convexity is generalization of the radius of convexity and the radius of ...
    • Some results of the class functions with bounded radious rotation 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Kahramaner, Yasemin; Yemişci, Halime Arzu (2019)
      Let A be the family of functions f(z) = z + a2z 2 + ... which are analytic in the open unit disc D = {z : |z| < 1}, and denote by P of functions p(z) = z + p1z + p2z 2 + ... analytic in D such that p(z) is in P if and ...
    • Some results on a subclass of p-valent starlike functions 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Yavuz, Emel (International Symposium on New Development of Geometric Function Theory and Its Applications, GFTA 2008, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2008)
    • Some Sufficient Conditions For Starlikeness And Convexity 

      Nunokawa, Mamoru; Owa, Shigeyoshi; Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Çağlar, Mert; Yavuz Duman, Emel (Scientific Technical Research Council Turkey-Tubitak, Ataturk Bulvari No 221, Kavaklidere, Tr-06100 Ankara, Turkey, 2010)
      There are many results for sufficient conditions of functions f (z) which are analytic in the open unit disc U to be starlike and convex in U. In view of the results due to S. Ozaki, I. Ono and T. Umezawa (1956), P.T. ...