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    • Weakly Compact-Friendly Operators 

      Çağlar, Mert; Mısırlıoğlu, Remzi Tunç (Institution Of Russian Academy Of Sciences South Mathematical İnstitute Of Vladikavkaz Scientific Center Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences And The Government Of Republic Of North Ossetia-Alania, 22, Markusa Street, Vladikavkaz, 362027, 2009)
      We introduce weak compact-friendliness as an extension of compact-friendliness, and and prove that if a non-zero weakly compact-friendly operator B: E→ E on a Banach lattice is quasi-nilpotent at some non-zero positive ...
    • Weyl- and Horn-type inequalities for cyclically compact operators 

      Gönüllü, Uğur (TÜBİTAK, 2018)
      A variant of Weyl- and Horn-type inequalities for cyclically compact operators on Kaplansky–Hilbert modules is given.
    • Word sense disambiguation using semantic kernels with class-based term values 

      Altınel, Berna; Ganil, Murat Can; Şİpal, Bilge; Erkaya, Erencan; Yücedağ, Onur Can; Doğan, Muhammed Ali (TUBITAK SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL TURKEY, 2019)
      In this study, we propose several semantic kernels for word sense disambiguation (WSD). Our approaches adapt the intuition that class-based term values help in resolving ambiguity of polysemous words in WSD. We evaluate ...
    • θ-Euclidean L-fuzzy Ideals of Rings 

      Koç, Ayten; Balkanay, Erol (TÜBİTAK, 2002)
      The concept of fuzzy ideals is extended by introducing θ-Euclidean L-fuzzy ideals in rings. In particular, some structural theorems for a θ-Euclidean L-fuzzy ideal of R are proved.
    • λ-fractional properties of generalized Janowski functions in the unit disc 

      Çağlar, Mert; Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Yavuz, Emel (2008)
      For analytic function f(z) = z + a2z 2 + · · · in the open unit disc D, a new fractional operator Dλf(z) is defined. Applying this fractional operator Dλf(z) and the principle of subordination, we give new proofs for ...