Investigating Iran's Traditional Display Approach In Display Museum Design: A Case Study In Kish Island

Takhtkeshian, Samaneh
Ghiai, Mohammad Mehdi
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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Museum reflects thoughts and creativities of human that expresses his content with specific language namely, the real language of thing. Therefore, building a museum should be on the basis of cultural statute and certain regulations such as cultural requirement, religious, historical, tourism value, geographical area, proximity to centers of science and culture are the criteria for its building. Also, human consigns his past and present to the museum to regularly refer to it and to think about his future. Display due to its long history can represent the history of Iranian culture during different periods because display in different periods has been influenced by religion, policy and so on and history of display can be considered as cultural representation and factor. Due to the volume of visitors in Kish Island and paying special attention to business centers and hotel lead to the lack of attention to cultural centers and due to the touristic potential of Kish Island, this potential can be used to expose the museum to everyone. This study investigates Iran's traditional display approach in display museum design in Kish Island through descriptive - analytical research method to provide an area to promote human intellectual structure in the art as well as a suitable context for innovative artistic technology and creativities.

museum , traditional , Iran , Kish Island