The Mediating Effect of Emotion Management on the Relationship between Self-esteem in Decision Making and Decision Making Style

Oktuğ, Bige Zeynep
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Information Engineering Research Inst, Usa, 100 Continental Dr, Newark, De 19713 Usa
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In today's complex work environment people deal with the effects of emotions on behavior and try to manage them properly. Emotions influence the information processing of brain and alter the decision making process. Decision making plays an important role in business life and there are many factors which interfere with decision making behavior. The objective of this study is to examine the mediating effect of emotion management on the relationship between self-esteem in decision making and decision making style. The results show that emotion management partially mediates the relations between self-esteem in decision making and decision making styles (vigilant, buck-passing, procrastination, hyper-vigilant). Limitations and suggestions for future studies are discussed.
Emotion Management, Self-esteem in Decision Making, Decision Making Style, Duygu Yönetimi, Karar Vermede Benlik Saygısı, Karar Verme Stili