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dc.contributor.authorToncu, Dana Cristina
dc.contributor.authorYıldırım, Osman
dc.description.abstractThe present study aims to draw a complete characterization of glycerol-heavy fuel oil emulsions by a novel non-invasive and fast investigation technique, which helps to determine emulsion stability and physico-chemical properties through acoustic measurements application. The reflection of ultrasonic wave on emulsion droplets, particles size and volume allows analysis of phase acoustic characters, which proved good correlation with Turbiscan, especially regarding stability and structural integrity. Further combustion tests revealed a decrease in pollutants emissions proportional to glycerol fraction addition. Moreover, NO wasn't detected in combustion gas. In order to overcome toxic acrolein atmospheric release, the combustion chamber was heated to 700 degrees C with diesel oil.tr_TR
dc.publisherModtech Publishing House, Blvd Carol I, No 28A, Iasi, 00000, Romaniatr_TR
dc.relationModtech 2011: New Face of T.M.C.R., Vol I and IItr_TR
dc.subjectultrasonic measurementstr_TR
dc.subjectpiezoelectric methodtr_TR
dc.subjectemulsion characterizationtr_TR
dc.subjectfuel emulsiontr_TR
dc.titleUltrasonic and combustion characterization of glycerol-heavy fuel oil emulsionstr_TR

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