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dc.contributorİstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi / Hukuk Fakültesi / Özel Hukuk Bölümütr_TR
dc.contributor.authorÖzsunay, Ergun
dc.description.abstractThe Republic of Turkey has been trying for a long time to cope with preventing the smuggling and illicit traffic of cultural property. On the one hand, it endeavors to struggle against the looting of its archaeological sites; on the other hand, it tries to prevent theft of Turkish cultural properties by stricter enforcement of existing national laws and increasing sanctions. In spite of all these endeavours, it should be pointed out that Turkey is the largest sole source of antiquities for the American market.tr_TR
dc.publisherCambridge University Presstr_TR
dc.relationInternational Journal of Cultural Propertytr_TR
dc.subjectKültür ve Tabiat Varlıkları Hukukutr_TR
dc.titleProtection of Cultural Heritage in Turkish Private Lawtr_TR

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