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dc.contributorMimarlık Fakültesi / Faculty of Architecture İç Mimarlık ve Çevre Tasarımı / Interior Architecture and Environmental Designtr_TR
dc.contributor.authorMelikoğlu, Armağan Seçil
dc.contributor.authorUsta, Gülay
dc.description.abstractThis study explains the first year experience that is the focal point of the design education at the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at IKU. The management of this process is of great importance for the students to learn a new language, adopt new approaches as well as their adaptation and motivation. Therefore, a studio model has been designed to ensure that the students are freed from their previously learned conditionings, start to challenge their mindscape, think about their problems in a consistent way and thus, reveal their creativity and gain new experiences. This model adopting the "learn by experience" approach forming the basis of all design studios is planned with several student- and team work-oriented, short term experimental studies and motivational events (sightseeing activities, sketching works, reading activities, discussions, going to art events etc.). The model comprised of first and second terms and planned as a whole focuses not on the resulting products, but rather on the experimental works designed for the development of creating process. Any practice that is thought to contribute to the creativity and creating process of the students is examined under the headings of "problem, method, gain and student works" that forms the model structure. Therefore, the model is considered to be important since it tries and develops different approaches in design training and sets an example for the future studies.tr_TR
dc.publisher4th World Conference on Design&Arts
dc.relationGlobal Journal of Arts Educationtr_TR
dc.subjectAbstract-concrete problemstr_TR
dc.subjectdesign processtr_TR
dc.subjectdesign studiotr_TR
dc.titleThe First Year in Design Education; Abstract-Concrete Problem Centered Modeltr_TR

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