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dc.contributorİstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi / Hukuk Fakültesi / Kamu Hukuku Bölümü / Ceza ve Ceza Muhakemesi Hukuku Anabilim Dalıtr_TR
dc.contributor.authorSırma, Özge
dc.identifiercilt: 6 sayı: 57tr_TR
dc.identifiercilt: 6 sayı: 57tr_TR
dc.identifiercilt: 6 sayı: 57tr_TR
dc.description.abstractIn Konch v. Germany, the European Court of Human Rights again has ruled on application regarding an alleged right to assisted suicide. The Court elaborated on some procedural implications of article 8 in cases in which domestic courts are faced with requests to facilitate a suicide. İt also stated, as it had already held in the cases Pretty v UK AND Haas v Switzerland, that the right to private life under article 8 ECHR does not entall an obligation for states to assist citizens seeking to commit suicide.tr_TR
dc.publisherSeçkin Yayıncılıktr_TR
dc.relationFasikül Aylık Hukuk Dergisitr_TR
dc.subjectRight to lifetr_TR
dc.subjectRight to Respect for Private and Family Lifetr_TR
dc.subjectYaşam hakkı
dc.subjectÖzel ve aile hayatının saygı hakkı
dc.titleKoch Almanya'ya Karşı Davasıtr_TR

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