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    UV-induced-OCH3 Rotamerization in a Matrix-Isolated Methoxy-Substituted Ortho-Hydroxyaryl Schiff Base
    (Springernature, 2022) Sıdır, İsa; Sıdır, Yadigar Gülseven; Gobi, Sandor; Berber, Halil; ILDIZ, GÜLCE ÖĞRÜÇ; Fausto, Rui
    A new methoxy-substituted ortho-hydroxyaryl Schiff base, 4-(3-methoxy-2-hydroxybenzylidene-amino) phenol was synthesized from 4-aminophenol and 2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde in methanol solution and characterized by H-1-NMR, C-13-NMR and infrared spectroscopies and elemental analysis. The compound was isolated in a cryogenic (10 K) argon matrix, and the analysis of the infrared spectrum of the matrix-isolated compound revealed that it corresponds to the E-enol-imine isomeric form, with 3 different conformers being present in the matrix. These conformers share as common structural features the conformation of the free hydroxyl group (trans relatively to the para-substituent of the ring) and the presence of an OH center dot center dot center dot N intramolecular H-bond involving the methoxy-substituted phenol ring and the azomethine bridge, while they differ in the orientation of the methoxy-substituent group. The structures and relative energies of the conformers of the molecule, and relevant barriers for their interconversion were obtained through quantum chemical calculations, which were also used to calculate the infrared spectra of the different forms. Calculations were also carried out for the higher-energy Z-enol-imine and keto-amine forms of the compound. Upon UV (230 nm) irradiation, -OCH3 rotamerization was observed, leading to conversion of the lowest energy conformer, where the methoxy group is aligned with the plane of the ring, into the other two conformers initially present in the matrix, in which the OCH3 group is out-of-the-plane of the ring. As for other phenolic compounds previously studied, spontaneous quantum mechanical tunneling conversion of the cis-OH conformers present in the gas-phase into the three observed conformers was found to take place during matrix deposition.
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    Arteriovenous Fistula Self-Care Behaviors in Patients Receiving Hemodialysis Treatment: Association With Health Literacy and Self-Care Agency
    (Sage Publications Ltd., 2022) Bülbül, Elif; Ayvaz, Meryem Yıldız; Yeni, Tuğba; TÜREN, SEVDA; Efil, Sevda
    Background: Arteriovenous fistula-related self-care behaviors, self-care agency and health literacy are important for vascular access patency, which is vital in the continuation of hemodialysis treatment. The purpose of this study was to determine the arteriovenous fistula-related self-care behaviors of patients receiving chronic hemodialysis treatment and the relationship between these behaviors and their health literacy and self-care agency levels. Methods: In this descriptive correlational study, the data were collected from 216 chronic hemodialysis patients. Results: The rate of the patients who had good self-care behaviors levels was 83.96%. The sociodemographic variables that were significantly related to AVF-related self-care behaviors were education, employment status and age. It was found that the patients who had had AVF for a longer time had better self-care behaviors regarding their management of symptoms and findings (p < 0.05). As the self-care agency of the patients (r = 0.612, p < 0.001) and their health literacy (r = 0.421, p < 0.001) increased, their AVF-related self-care behaviors also increased. Conclusion: Age, education status, health literacy and self-care agency were identified to affect AVF-related self-care behaviors.
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    Deep Learning-Based Defect Prediction for Mobile Applications
    (MPDI, 2022) JORAYEVA, MANZURA; AKBULUT, AKHAN; Çatal, Çağatay; Mishra, Alok
    Smartphones have enabled the widespread use of mobile applications. However, there are unrecognized defects of mobile applications that can affect businesses due to a negative user experience. To avoid this, the defects of applications should be detected and removed before release. This study aims to develop a defect prediction model for mobile applications. We performed cross-project and within-project experiments and also used deep learning algorithms, such as convolutional neural networks (CNN) and long short term memory (LSTM) to develop a defect prediction model for Android-based applications. Based on our within-project experimental results, the CNN-based model provides the best performance for mobile application defect prediction with a 0.933 average area under ROC curve (AUC) value. For cross-project mobile application defect prediction, there is still room for improvement when deep learning algorithms are preferred.
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    The Feasibility Study of Internet-Assisted Play Therapy to Resolve Psychological Disorders in Primary Healthcare Settings: A Qualitative Study
    (Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications, 2022) SHABANI, SEVİL MOMENİ; Darabi, Fatemeh; Nejaddadgar, Nazila; Azimi, Ahad; Shabani, Masoud
    BACKGROUND: Play therapy is an intelligent tool in cognitive-behavioral therapies. In today's world, the Internet and technology play a key role in all aspects of people's life including mental health. The present study explores the feasibility of using Internet-assisted play therapy to solve children's psychological issues in primary healthcare systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The present qualitative research was conducted by the content analysis approach on 20 experts working in the healthcare centers, who were selected purposefully. The sample was saturated with these 20 participants. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and were coded manually. Then, they were analyzed in the Atlas.ti software package. RESULTS: The results revealed 15 themes and 10 sub-themes. The themes included (1) safety, (2) efficiency, (3) client-orientedness, (4) organizational growth, (5) time, (6) effectiveness, (7) justice-orientedness, (8) access, (9) feedback, (10) analysis, (11) children's computer game room, (12) reward, (13) group game, and (14) capability to be integrated into other electronic programs. CONCLUSION: It seems that Internet-based play therapy is plausible to be used as a service in primary healthcare to tackle the psychological problems of children in the target population if the challenges related to the exploratory themes are taken care of.
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    Burnout Levels and Care Behaviours in Intensive Care Nurses: A Cross-Sectional, Multicentre Study
    (Elsevier Sci Ltd., 2022) Efil, Sevda; TÜREN, SEVDA; Ayvaz, Meryem Yıldız; Bülbül, Elif; Yeni, Tuğba
    Objective: To examine the relation between burnout levels and caring behaviours in intensive care nurses in Turkey, and the affecting factors. Research methodology/design: The research was conducted as a descriptive, cross-sectional and multi-centred study. Setting: In this study, an online questionnaire was applied in April and May 2021, using Google Form. A total of 460 intensive vare nurses responded to the questionnaire. Main outcome measures: Burnout was assessed with the Maslach Burnout Inventory, and care behaviours with the Caring Behaviours Inventory-24. Results: The nurses reported a high level of emotional exhaustion (73.9%) and depersonalization (52.2%), and a medium level of personal accomplishment (40%). The nurses' levels of perception of care quality were high (5.4 +/- 0.6). It was found that their highest score on the subdimensions was on knowledge and skills (5.6 +/- 0.5), and the lowest was on connectedness (5.2 +/- 0.7). There was a very weak, respectively weak correlation, between nurses' emotional exhaustion (r = -0.1), respectively depersonalization (r = -0.2), and poor care behaviours. There was a strong correlation between low personal accomplishment scores and poor care behaviours (r = 0.8). It was found that the mean scores of the nurses' exhaustion and care behaviours varied according to many descriptive characteristics, such as education, age, professional experience, the unit where they worked, communication difficulties, living conditions and whether they had chosen nursing willingly. Conclusions: It appears that the level of personal accomplishment, is the only subscale reflecting risk of burnout, that strongly correlates with care behaviour.